Aztlan Foods
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The Wall of Fame
Fred's burritos have changed the meaning of happiness for me!
Some of our customers are so regular you could set your watch by them.  Meet some of our regular customers and find out why they choose a particular item time after time...
I love these burritos! The number 4 (edit: La Mixteca) is the best. I've probably had a least one hundred of those in the past month, delicioso!
Aztlan Foods is my favorite meal in Vermont! Their tacos with Bombero (edit: sauce) are mouth watering delicious. 
Made of the best ingredients and with the care that one can only find in a sole proprietor, family owned business, burritos from AZTLAN FOODS are absolutely first rate. ONEoverZERO runs on AZTLAN foods and we recommend that all of our burrito loving friends do the same … and until now we haven’t received a single negative review from those that we have referred. 
I went to Mexico a few years ago and I was so bummed that I couldn't enjoy the flavors of the region in my little state. Enter Aztlan! Instantly hooked from my first bite of the Relleno and the first sip of horchata! (edit: Aztlan Foods) is the REAL DEAL